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To Order your copy of the new cd  beginning with "The End"

                                                            Send check or money order  for  18.00 dollars  and we will get it in the mail

Address  Sandy Shortridge P.O. Box 1823 Grundy Va 24614 

Coming soon Sandy's  E-Store   buy Her songs for .99 cents


Track List    

                                                                                                     The End

                                                                                  Decoration Day  (with Don Rigsby)

                                                                                                  In The Midst

                                                                                                 Open The Door

                                                                                             Are You one of Them

                                                                                                Ode To Billie Joe

                                                                                     In The East   (with Don Rigsby )

                                                                                                  Grandma's Gate

                                                                                                Ready For The Times

                                                                                    Grandma's Apron  ( Big Al Weekley )

                                                                                Thank You Doesn't Seem To Be  Enough

                                                                                     I Believe  ( the Christmas Song)